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Here at Portastand, along the sleepy riverbanks of Stillwater, Minnesota, we craft the best gosh-darn portable music stands on Earth. Forged from steel and laced with brotherhood, our stands feature unparalleled durability, groundbreaking portability, and a patented aluminum hinge with enough strength to hold the baggage from a lifetime of wire stand nightmares. For over a decade, Portastand users have reached out to us with their stories of powder-coated gratitude: Troubadours used as impromptu snare stands, Minstrels as makeshift auxiliary percussion stations… even touring groups whose Portastand arsenals have championed cross-country road trips year after year.

So jazz cats, proudly raise your Real Books. Orch dorchs, band geeks, unite. Studio chameleons, meet your new sidekick. Join us as we say goodbye to wobbly tripods, sinking stands, battered sheet music shelves, and clumsy equipment carts. We’re Portastand, and we’re rewriting the standard for music stands everywhere.

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