Daryl, Christian Eggert Violins, Ltd

Hi Bob, Just thought I would let you know that the first person I showed the Minstrel stand to absolutely had to have it along with the Peasant Satchel accessory

Sally B. - Seattle

Hi Bob, Thank you very much! I am enjoying my Portastand Troubadour very much. Finally a stand that is tall enough to play the violin standing up. And it is good and sturdy without being too weighty.

Todd J.

I recently purchased the Portastand Troubadour music stand. Finally, someone has got it right. The design is BRILLIANT.   I sit down most of the time when I perform. With a "normal" stand it winds up hiding me from the audience putting music on the floor is "too far away" for my over 40 eyes!   The Portastand Troubadour is PERFECT! I can put the music at knee level, still see the music, and the audience won't complain because they can still see the performance.   PLUS! the cover is just BRILLIANT! The legs fold up and fit in the straps on the back..... there's a place for pencils etc. PLUS! a couple of “Wind resistors” with a little hook on both ends to use to hold down your music...... This is IDEAL for playing outdoor gigs! NO MORE CLOTHESPINS or bulky sheets of plexiglass. BEAUTIFUL.   If that wasn't enough..... the Portastand telescopes "UP" as high as all the other stands on the market.   This is the BEST of all possible stands. CONGRATULATIONS on a BRILLIANT product. I give it my HIGHEST recommendation.

Donald. P.

My Portastand arrived today. Much sooner than I expected. It is a beautifully designed music stand. I especially like that the desk lip cover helps protect the finish of my instruments. The dark green color is attractive without asking for too much attention. Thanks for this truly excellent music stand. Thanks again,

Cynthia from N.Y. (a happy customer from one of our online vendors)

I didn’t realize there were so many sheet music stands to choose from. You helped me to sort through the stands that I didn’t need and get to the Portastand Troubadour which was the PERFECT stand for me.

T.P. at U of Montana Music Department

Fantastic stand! compact, sturdy, seems like it will last. Thank you! Portastand Minstrel

G. C. from Beltsville Maryland

Now that I have realized the many thoughtful aspects and learned to use my music stand, I can't live without it. I use it at my office desk to support paperwork, so that I won't have to lean forward to look at paperwork as I work at my computer.

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