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Every superhero needs a teammate. What would Batman be without Robin? Well, he'd still be pretty awesome and there's an entire blockbuster trilogy depicting him protecting Gotham mostly by himself—but, that's not the point. Without Turk, where would J.D. be? There's a metaphor we can all relate to.

Your tripod can only hold so much stuff, and that's where our Sidekick clamp enters the arena. Where normal accessory clamps end, the Sidekick cleverly extends and doubles its length so you have twice the room to work with. Its foam-protected mechanism attaches to almost any mic stand, tripod, or cymbal stand on the market. A nickel-plated 5/8"-27 mic thread accommodates any accessory with a standard mic thread attachment. And with a little creativity, you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish.


    • One (1) Sidekick accessory clamp
    • Its very own movie franchise, eventually
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