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Universal Tablet Holder - the Transformer

Universal Tablet Holder - the Transformer

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There are two types of people in this world: Those who swear by Android and believe Apple fans are the mindless sheep of capitalism, and those who swear by Apple and believe that Android devotees are... well... the mindless sheep of capitalism. Why does it have to be this way? Why can't we get along? At what point do we realize we're shouting over especially colorful pieces of glass? Was it ever fair to bring sheep into this conversation?? ARE SHEEP INVESTED IN HUMAN MACROECONOMICS?!

With the TransformerUniversal Tablet Holder, you will finally be accepted as you are. This mount can accommodate any smart device up to 8.5" wide or 1.25" thick, meaning you don't even have to take your protective case off. Just screw the mount onto any standard microphone stand, attach your device to it using the mount's rubberized clamps, and play your gig knowing it ain't going anywhere. We can't say the same for your giant sheep flock, though. They wandered into the woods hours ago.

NOTE: Smart device and/or mic stand not included. Though that would be an insanely good deal.


  • Universal Tablet Holder
  • Polished Aluminum Desk leg Tripod Transformer

  • Will Transform any Portastand Music Stand into a Tablet Stand
  • Universal Tablet Holder with Desk leg component will adapt to all Portastand Music stand bases
  • Can be used as a desktop tablet holder -without a tripod
  • Accommodates any smartphone, most tablets, or e-reader on the market
  • Adjustable up to 8.5" wide or 1.25" thick
  • Screws into any standard microphone stand for sturdy mounting
  • Full 360-degree portrait/landscape swiveling mechanism
  • Rubberized clamps leave your device's screen unscathed
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